SafeKids Upstate, a non-profit organization in Greenville, South Carolina, that promotes child safety, says that the number of serious child head injuries is going down in South Carolina. The organization, which has been spreading awareness to kids and parents regarding preventable child accidents since its inception in 1994, reports that Greenville has seen a 25 percent drop in child accident fatalities and a 17 percent drop in serious accident injuries over the past 17 years.

SafeKids Upstate reports that even though child accidents are the number one killer of children in South Carolina, with a child dying in an accident one each day across the state, the vast majority of these accidents could have been prevented with a greater emphasis on safety. For example, the organization says that the majority of bicycle head injuries can be prevented by simply making certain that your child is wearing a helmet. In addition, fencing a yard or pool area can prevent the majority of child drowning deaths.

Unfortunately, the death and injury rate for children under 14 is higher in South Carolina than in most other states. Wearing helmets and preventing traumatic brain injuries is one of the most important steps your family can take to help reduce this number and keep your children healthy and safe. In addition, supervising your children’s play and teaching your children about common dangers can also help prevent head injuries and brain injuries.

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