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South Carolina Teen Killed by Hit-and-Run Drunk Driver

A drunk driver who hit and killed a 15-year-old in Aiken County, South Carolina (SC), on the night of January 3, 2015, then fled the scene. The fatal crash occurred at North Street and Washington Road near the town of New Ellenton.



The suspected driver turned himself into police later the same night. He now faces multiple criminal charges, including causing a death while driving under the influence and felony fleeing the scene of an accident. The at-fault driver also had a suspended license, but news reports did not include details on why the man was restricted from driving.

The teen pedestrian's loss of life may illustrate the worst tragedy possible when a person repeatedly takes the wheel after becoming intoxicated. Chronic drunk drivers have a greater risk of inflicting injuries and fatalities than do individuals who never drive drunk or drugged. This stands to reason since too much alcohol or too many drugs make controlling a car safely difficult to impossible. Still, understanding the problem provides no solace to the innocent victims of drivers who display reckless disregard for others' health and lives.

The single piece of positive news from this deadly pedestrian crash in South Carolina is that the at-fault driver eventually returned to accept responsibility and face up to the consequences of his actions. Hit-and-run collisions too often leave victims dealing the financial, emotional and other effects of the wreck on their own. At least in this instance, the possibility exists for seeing justice done through the criminal courts and for receiving some small measure of monetary compensation.


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