State and Federal Rail Inspectors Find 100 Defects on Crude Trains and Tracks

State and federal railroad and train investigation teams found more than 100 defects on tracks and trains in New York state recently.

Some of the defects included a broken rail, defective train wheels and missing bolts on tracks.

The inspections in New York focused on oil trains and the tracks that they run on.

Inspection teams from the state Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration in early December looked at 700 crud oil cars and 95 miles of track. This was part of New York’s response to the great increase in train shipments of Bakken crude across New York.

One of the inspections of 15 miles of track owned by CSX found a defect in a switch gauge that needed to be replaced right away. They also found several defects there were not as critical, such as loose bolts that have to be fixed within 30 days.

Crude oil cars, including the DOT-111 models that have been in several high profile train derailing and fires, have been reviewed especially carefully. Several of the cars were examined and were found to have serious defects. These included a cracked weld, a bolt that was missing and one broken brake assembly.

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