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State Trooper and Mack Truck Collide in Finksburg, Maryland (MD)

What Happened

On January 30, 2013 a Maryland State Police trooper was involved in a collision with a mack truck and was taken to Shock Trauma.

Authorities say the trooper was headed west on Rt. 140 in Finksburg, Maryland (MD) when a tractor trailer made a left turn from a business into the trooper’s path. The officer reportedly tried to avoid the big rig but was unable and clipped the left side of the truck.

The driver of the 18 wheeler was charged with failure to yield and negligent driving.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

We wish the trooper a speedy recovery and are thankful his injuries were not more severe. The burden of driving a tractor trailer can be quite demanding on an individual, the days are filled with long hours and minimal stops to make deadlines. Fatigue is one of the most common causes of all trucking accidents. Because of this, there has been legislation put in place to protect commuters from fatigued big rig drivers. Federal regulations state that tractor trailer drivers should rest for 10 consecutive hours during each 24-hour period. When a trucker meets this rest target, he or she can then drive for no more than 11 hours out of the next 14 hours. Despite such laws, truckers still negligently drive while tired and past these guidelines. If you have been injured in a Virginia (VA) truck accident that you believe was caused by a tired truck driver, you should strongly consider legal representation from a proven Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyer. Our firm is dedicated to doing everything legally and ethically possible to obtain the best results for our injured clients. Hard work and dedication have allowed us to recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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