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Staunton College Student Killed in Car Crash Near Dayton

A two-vehicle crash left two people dead near Dayton, Virginia. The crash involved a truck and car near the intersection of Briery Branch and Ottobine roads.

The police stated that a Ford pickup truck was going south when the other vehicle pulled in front of it. The passenger in the car died, and the driver was taken to a hospital for undisclosed injuries. The pickup driver also was taken to a hospital.

The deceased was a college student at Bridgewater College.

This unfortunate tragedy is another example of how a moment of carelessness by a driver can lead to fatal consequences. It is not clear from the above story which driver was at fault. It is possible that the driver of the car was at fault, but it also could be that the pickup truck was traveling too fast and hit the car. Whichever way the accident happened, a young student is dead and it is a senseless death.

As personal injury attorneys for car and truck accident victims, we are dedicated to ensuring that the legal rights of the injured and the families of the deceased are fully protected. Our personal injury law firm in Virginia has represented many accident victims and their families over the years. We see to the best of our ability that the family obtains the monetary damages they deserve in a lawsuit.

In one case that we settled for $410,000, our client was driving to work and his car slid on black ice. He was able to get out of the car after it rolled over. But a tractor trailer came along and slid on the same ice, and hit and killed our client. We successfully proved in court that the truck driver should have taken more care to avoid the incident because he had a commercial truck license.


It is in cases such as that one that we have been able to obtain a small measure of justice for the accident victim and their family.

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