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Staunton VA Man Dies in Motorcycle Wreck on I-81

A 59 year-old man from Staunton, Virginia (VA) died July 19 at 1 am, in a crash on I-81 near Harrisonburg.

Virginia State Police said that the man lost control of his 2003 Harley Davidson as he was driving south. The bike was hit by an International Tractor Trailer. After he was hit by the truck, he then was hit by a 2007 Cadillac.

The driver died upon impact due to severe head injuries. Virginia State Police stated that it was raining when the accident occurred, and they continue to investigate the crash. The interstate was reduced to one southbound lane when police were on the scene.

Charges have not been filed at this time.

This unfortunate accident points out the dangers of driving a motorcycle in the rain. If you ride a motorcycle, you should be sure to follow some essential safety tips in the rain:

·         Wear correct rain gear, and be sure the helmet covers your face, as rain hitting the face above 30 MPH hurts.

·         Be sure you have the correct tires to ride in the rain. Never ride on slick tires.

·         Be extremely careful on the road. What was slippery in dry weather will be very slick in wet weather. White painted lines can be very slick, and any metal plates in the road can be very slick and dangerous.

·         Be aware of puddles. You really don’t know how deep it is.

·         If you see a colored rainbow on the ground when it’s raining, avoid it – it’s oil.

If you follow these tips, you are less likely to be injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. It’s also a good idea to just consider not riding until the weather dries out.

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