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Stop Sign Runner Blamed for Fatal Moore County, NC Crash

A car's driver died and her passenger suffered serious injuries when a pickup truck ran into them in Moore County, North Carolina (NC), on the night of September 5, 2015. The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Vass-Carthage Road and Farm Life School Road outside of the town of Carthage.



Police say the man behind of the wheel of the pickup caused the deadly collision by running a stop sign. Alcohol use did not appear to play a factor, but charges for causing a death while operating a motor vehicle, failing to stop and not using a child safety seat for a young passenger were filed against the truck's driver. He also lacked a current driver's license.

Perhaps the man had been speeding too fast to stop in time. Maybe he became distracted and did not see the stop sign. A third possibility is that he simply misjudged the time and distance he had to enter the intersection safely. Whatever explanation emerges, the fact that he did not allow the oncoming car to clear his path makes him liable for taking one woman's life and leaving another person hurt and facing a long, difficult and, likely, expensive recovery.

Not holding a driver's license raises concerns over whether the at-fault driver had any automobile insurance coverage. If he does not, the injured victims and the family members of the deceased woman may have to rely on uninsured motorist provisions of their own policies. If that becomes necessary, or if those adversely affected by the pickup driver's negligence or reckless driver attempt to hold him directly accountable, they may want to consult with a North Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney to ensure their rights to seek compensation and damages are protected..


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