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Stop Sign Runner Critically Injures Woman in Nottoway Co., VA

A crash between two Jeeps in Nottoway Count, Virginia (VA), sent a woman to the hospital with critical injuries and left a man facing a reckless driving charge. The two-vehicle collision happened at the intersection of Darvills Road and Military Road near the town of Blackstone on the morning of January 30, 2017. 



Police investigators determined that the man caused the wreck by running a stop sign. He paused briefly but failed to fully yield right of way to the other Jeep on Military Road, which is also designated Virginia Route 40. The resulting impact caused the woman’s vehicle to spin, run off the side of the highway and slam into a tree. She remained at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond two days after the wreck.

What Makes This Reckless Driving

A reckless driving charge means law enforcement officials’ belief that the at-fault driver operated in a way that endangered another person’s safety. While Virginia law requires all drivers to stop and make sure the way is clear before entering a rural highway from a local road, more serious offenses can be cited when critical injuries or deaths result from a failure to yield.

How a Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help 

News reports do not contain details on the types of injuries the woman sustained or whether doctors expect her to recover fully. It is clear, however, that she will incur medical bills, pain and suffering. Every Virginia driver must carry automobile insurance that provides coverage for injuries, but getting insurance companies to pay claims can be difficult. Also, considering the severity of her injuries and the fact that an at-fault driver can legally carry as little as $25,000 in coverage for injuries, the hospitalized woman may need to rely on the underinsured motorist provisions of her own policy.

Hiring a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has experience helping victims of stop sign running crashes and reckless driving accidents will ensure the injured woman is able to exercise all her rights and options to receive compensation and pursue damages. Insurance company representatives often put pressure on individuals who file claims to settle quickly for amounts that are insufficient to meet their needs. Relying on a knowledgeable and dedicated plaintiff’s attorney will guarantee fair treatment.


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