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Stop Sign Runner Sets Off Fatal Chain Reaction

A school bus driver on February 24, 2016, died from injuries he suffered in a chain-reaction crash in Bennettsville, South Carolina, (SC). The three-vehicle wreck occurred at the intersection of Ebenezer Road and Hickory Grove Road in Marlboro County, and police said it started when a man in a car ran a stop sign. 



After ignoring the stop signal, the car's driver struck a pickup truck and fled the scene. The impact from that hit-and-run collision sent the pickup across the center line of the road and into the path of the school bus. The bus driver initially survived with critical injuries but later succumbed in the hospital.

Witnesses identified the hit-and-run driver, who police tracked down and took into custody shortly after the wreck. He now faces a reckless homicide charge in addition to charges related to running the stop sign and driving off after causing a traffic accident with injuries. News reports do not indicate whether the person driving the pickup was hurt.

My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I thank the helpful eyewitnesses and the law enforcement officials for locating and bringing in the at-fault driver. He must be held accountable for causing the death of another person by acting negligently and recklessly. Fleeing should never permit a person to avoid responsibility for harming someone or causing another person to lose his life.

The other lesson that this tragic accident teaches is that failing to spot and obey stop signs creates potentially fatal situations. Slamming into the pickup after entering the intersection unsafely would have been bad enough. The close proximity of the school bus turned a terrible scenario deadly. Driving attentively and cautiously most likely would have saved a life. 


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