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Student Injured When Car Hits School Bus in Newport News, VA

One of 17 Newport News, Virginia (VA), students on a school bus hit by a car went to the hospital complaining of injuries on March 5, 2012. The accident occurred when the bus carrying elementary, middle and high school students participating in the Dream Achievers program was making a left hand turn from Beechmont Drive into a parking lot that also opens onto Warwick Boulevard.


According to WTKR News Channel 3, a car struck the bus from behind shortly after 5:30 pm. Police have not yet filed charges in relation to the wreck, and the extent of the schoolchild's injuries were not reported.

Any time a student is hurt in an accident involving a school bus, all parents catch their breath. Wondering how safe their own children will be each day as they commute to and from school, sporting events and afterschool activities is the only natural response to reports of crashes like the one in Newport News.

Unfortunately, wrecks in which cars and trucks collide with buses occur far too often. My Virginia Beach, VA-based personal injury colleagues often write about such incidents. Whether a bus driver or a person behind the wheel of another vehicle is at fault, any outcome that leaves a child injured is always unacceptable.

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