What happened:

 A 21 year old Winthrop University student was killed when the 2005 Suzuki she was riding in was struck from behind by a 2006 Mercedes SUV as both cars approached stopped traffic on I-20. The fatal accident occurred in the westbound lanes, near marker 98, in Kershaw County, SC. The stopped traffic was due to another tragedy, the discovery of the vehicle of two missing NC teens found submerged in the Wateree River.

 The impact from being rear-ended overturned the Suzuki into the median and it hit the cable barrier which divides the road. After slamming the Suzuki, the SUV then struck a 2009 Honda SUV. All victims of the crash were transferred to Palmetto Health Richland. Both the 21 year old Suzuki driver and another passenger in her car remain hospitalized from their injuries. According to a report from WIS, the 18 year old driver of the Mercedes SUV, who resides in NJ, also remains hospitalized but the extent of his injuries are unknown at this time. Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident.


North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

 How incredibly tragic for all the families of these young victims. Our hearts go out to all of them. Not only will the families of those two missing NC boys grieve, but the victim of this tragic accident’s family has lost their child as well. And what of the other two people who remain hospitalized with injuries? Who knows how long and painful their rehab will be.

 When police finish their investigation, there could very well be criminal charges brought against the driver of the Mercedes SUV. However, no matter what the outcome, the young woman’s family may have grounds for filing a  wrongful death claim for their loss.

I-20, Kershaw County, SC

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