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Study Finds Outpatient Urologic Surgeries Riskier than Inpatient

One of the more common outpatient procedures for both men and women are urologic surgeries. The most common reasons for these surgeries are for the removal of cancerous tumors, renal stones, or for male infertility. Like many surgeries, there has been a shift over the past few years to move urologic surgeries from inpatient procedures to outpatient procedures in order to cut the costs of the procedures. But one study warns that this practice could be dangerous to the patient.

The study was conducted at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital. The research team obtained the data used for the study from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample database. The researchers examined the records during a 12-year period of patients who had been discharged after having urologic surgery. There were almost 8 million urologic surgeries performed during this time frame. Researchers looked at the overall mortality rate of the patients, as well as the Failure to Rescue (FTR) mortality rates.

FTR mortality rates were implemented after the ground-breaking publication of To Err is Human, which pointed out serious flaws in the medical community that allowed medical errors to occur at an alarming rate. An FTR is defined as the failure of medical professionals to identify a problem and take the necessary action to prevent a patient’s death.  

Researchers of this study found that along with the increase in outpatient surgeries, there has also been an increase in the FTR mortality rates. Particularly at risk were patients who were elderly, members of a minority, those who suffered from some other medical condition, or those patients who had public and not private health insurance.

The incidents of preventable medical errors in this country are almost at epidemic proportions. According to national statistics, the number of people who die each week because of preventable medical errors in this country could fill four jumbo jets.

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