A new study regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children has found that serious head injuries continue to affect patients even a decade after the accident that caused the trauma.

The effects of a TBI on young children can last years.

According to a new article published in the journal Pediatrics this month, “Predictors of Cognitive Function and Recovery 10 Years after Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children,” children who suffered a serious brain injury scored significantly lower on IQ tests than children who had not suffered a head injury earlier in life. The study also found that recovery and rehabilitation stopped taking place between five and ten years after the accident.



The head injury study involved 56 children who had received head trauma between the ages of two and seven. Researchers followed these children as well as a control group for ten years while measuring their development and cognitive abilities. Those who suffered brain injuries scored between 18 and 26 points lower on intelligence tests than those who weren’t TBI victims.

Researchers believe that this study will help doctors understand the full and persistent effects of traumatic brain injuries in children and help everyone understand the need for ongoing rehabilitation and intervention in the decade after an accident and injury.

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