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Suffolk School Bus Hit by Van, Several Children Injured

A school bus heading to Driver Elementary School in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), was inolved in a major accident when a van reportedly crossed the center line and slammed into the bus, according to therepublic.com.

Eight children and one adult suffered injuries in this bus-van wreck. There were six students in the bus and two children in the van. Reports indicate the at-fault van driver fell asleep behind the wheel causing her to cross the center lane, according to drunkdrivingfacts.net. Police have charged the at-fault driver with reckless driving.

This wreck highlights the major risks associated with sleepy and drowsy driving. The results of dosing off behind the wheel are usually never good. This may sound like common sense, but if you're feeling tired while driving, stop and take a break.

Just imagine if the at-fault driver in this Suffolk van-bus crash had simply pulled into a 7-11 and got a cup of coffee or pulled over and walked around to wake herself up for a few minutes. Maybe this terrible accident could have been avoided. 

Parents of the children injured in this accident should keep in mind that just because the crash occurred on a school bus does not negate your child's right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. Damages that may warrant compensation include medical bills and the pain and suffering associated with this accident.


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