Suffolk, VA: 3-Vehicle Crash Injures 5

A three-vehicle crash on South Quay Road in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), sent five people to the hospital with injuries. The cause of the multivehicle wreck remained under investigation after it occurred on the morning of October 24, 2016.



Police released very little information on this car accident to news reporters. A photo of the aftermath shows two cars involved in a rear-end collision, and one of the cars sandwiched between the trailing car and an SUV. Details on which vehicles the injured people were in was not made publicly available.

Investigators have probably also shared very little information with the victims about who is at fault or why the accident happened. By law, a final report must be prepared, but investigators are only required to state everything they are able to learn from physical evidence and witness accounts. The questions of who set the multivehicle crash in motion and what act of negligence or reckless lies at the heart of the incident may remain unanswered until a court makes the determination.

Experienced Virginia personal injury lawyers can help victims of wrecks that create more questions than answers. We can ensure that injured individuals receive as much information as possible from police investigators, and we always work to protect our clients' rights and interests. When it comes time to file insurance claims and civil lawsuits, we will make the strongest case possible for showing the liability of the person named as being at fault. Most importantly, we will do all we can to prevent insurance representatives from turning blame back onto innocent victims.


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