Suffolk, VA: Woman Killed After Exiting Her Crashed Car

Two related crashes in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), on the evening of Christmas Day 2016 left one woman dead and three other people injured. The woman who lost her life had stepped out of her car after colliding with another vehicle on Whaleyville Boulevard shortly before being fatally struck by an oncoming pickup truck.



The first wreck sent a vehicle off the road just north of the turnoff to Whaleyville Drive. The injured survivors were in that vehicle, which rolled over after landing in a ditch.

Any two-part car crash involving multiple vehicles will raise tough questions about filling insurance claims. Did the woman who died at the scene cause the initial collision, or was the other driver at fault? Do injured passengers and family members of the deceased pedestrian have legitimate claims against more than one driver's insurance policy? Did the pickup driver act negligently by following too closely, speeding or failing to slow down and move over when approaching two disabled cars?

A final report from the police who investigated the incident should answer some of these questions, but others may remain unresolved. Consulting with an experienced Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney will help all the people involved and the family of the woman who died understand their legal rights and options depending on what is discovered and what police cannot conclusively determine.


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