Animal control personnel have put down a Saint Bernard mix that attacked and seriously injured a woman on Charles Street in Suffolk, Virginia (VA). Although the dog did not have rabies, authorities deemed the animal to be vicious and a danger to people because of how badly it mauled its victim. The dog had also bitten another adult four months before the recent attack.

According to the Suffolk News-Herald, the woman will have to miss many weeks of work while recovering from multiple puncture wounds on her hip and having most of the skin torn from one of her arms. She told the newspaper she is now scared of dogs for the first time in her life and worried about might happen to her if she leaves her home.

The Saint Bernard’s owner has been charged with allowing the dog to run at large.


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Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys’ Perspective

The American Kennel Club describes Saint Bernards as gentle in temperament but also very strong and intelligent. The dogs can often figure out how to get out of fenced areas. When they do attack, Saint Bernards can do incredible damage to even large adults.

As personal injury attorneys based in Virginia (VA), we know that every dog has the potential to bite someone. We also know that an animal that has bitten one time poses a greater risk for biting again. A history of attacks is a key consideration for determining whether a pet dog should be considered vicious or getting euthanized.

Potentially Helpful Info

Pet owners bear liability for the actions of their dogs. This means that people who keep dogs can be held responsible for injuries caused by an unleashed, escaped or vicious animal. If you or one of your children has been hurt in a dog attack, you can learn more about pet owner liability by reading this article.


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