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Suffolk, Virginia Head-on Car Crash Kills Two, Injures One

They say a head-on accident is one you never see coming, until it’s too late.  This was the case in Suffolk, Virginia (VA) recently that left two people dead and another injured.  A pickup truck was driving the wrong way on Route 58 and slammed into a tractor-trailer. The driver of the vehicle and his passenger were pronounced dead and the tractor-trailer driver was injured and transported to the hospital.

As Virginia (VA) car accident lawyers we have seen terrible injuries resulting from wrong way drivers.  These types of injuries often include traumatic brain injury or TBI.  To understand the injuries better you must understand the trauma that the brain suffers upon impact of a car accident.  The brain is an extremely delicate soft tissue floating in fluid within the skull. When there is sudden speeding up and slowing down, such as in a car crash or fall, the brain can move around violently inside the skull, resulting in injury.

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Symptoms of TBI can vary from mild to severe. A person may or may not lose consciousness during the event. TBI may lead to dizziness, confusion, vertigo, headaches, fatigue, lightheadedness, blurred vision, ringing ears, and insomnia. On a larger scale, TBI can lead to memory loss, changes in behavior, mood issues, persistent vomiting and nauseaseizures, confusion, attention issues, and inability to concentrate. 

Although doctors are learning more about TBI treatment every day, we are still in the initial stages of understanding the condition. Those suffering a traumatic brain injury should seek medical attention immediately, so that any bleeding and brain swelling can be controlled. After that point, patients may receive a number of different therapies, ranging from speech therapy to occupational therapy to physical therapy


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