Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Suffolk Skydivers Injured and Rushed to Hospital

Jumping out of an airplane at 18,000 feet leaves your heart in your throat and the clouds at your feet. Once your parachute opens, you have the exquisite view of the scenery as you float softly and quietly down to the ground. Except for two Suffolk, Virginia (VA), skydivers when something went wrong and they crashed to the ground in a hard landing.


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There's not much information out on the accident, except that one person was flown to the hospital and the other was transported by ambulance.

Skydiving deaths are quite rare in this country. The U.S. Parachute Association reports that its members conducted 2.2 million jumps in 2007, and only 18 deaths occurred nationwide. Most people would agree though that skydiving is a risky activity and every skydiver should know the inherent dangers and risks involved.

As a
Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney, I would advise the injured victims to hire an attorney experienced with handling defective product cases who would be able to analyze all aspects of a skydiving accident case and make sure the victim's and the family's legal rights are protected.


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