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SUV Driver Dies in Crash With Turning Car in Burton, SC

A collision between a car and an SUV at the intersection of Trask parkway and Detour Road in Burton, South Carolina (SC), resulted in the death of the person driving the larger vehicle and serious injuries for the passenger in the SUV. The fatal crash occurred on the night of February 27, 2015.



According to state police investigators, the car's driver was turning left from the highway. The force of the collision caused the smaller vehicle, identified as a Ford Crown Victoria, to roll over several times. While the person in the car did not sustain injuries, he will likely face charges for causing the wreck. Lack of details, however, make it unclear if he was negligent in failing to yield right of way, ran a red light or acted recklessly by driving while drunk or stoned.

Crossing lanes of oncoming traffic while turning left is always risky. Turning drivers must make sure they have enough time and distance to clear the intersection. They cannot allow themselves to become distracted or give in to the temptation of believing they can race across the face of approaching vehicles. Even the smallest miscalculation can prove fatal. Sadly, just such a tragedy unfolded near the central South Carolina coast. My Carolina personal injury and wrongful death law firm colleagues and I send our condolences to the deceased victim, along with our wishes for a full and rapid recovery for the injured passenger.


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