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SUV Driver Flees After Causing Deadly Motorcycle Crash

An SUV driver who caused a fatal hit-and-run collision in Greenville, South Carolina (SC), was found not have a driver's license. The deadly accident occurred on Anderson Road near Carolina High School on the night of July 21, 2016.



The at-fault driver failed to yield right of way to an approach motorcycle while making a left-hand turn. While the motorcyclist attempted to swerve and avoid the SUV, he clipped the front end of the larger vehicle and got ejected from his bike. He initially survived the wreck but died from his injuries after being transported to a hospital.

The man behind the wheel of the SUV did not stop to check on the motorcycle rider or report the accident. Multiple witnesses saw the crash, however, and provided investigators with sufficient evidence to identify, locate and arrest the hit-and-run driver. That man now faces multiple charges that include driving without a license.

This deadly Greenville accident illustrates the risks motorcycle rider face from inattentive, negligent and irresponsible drivers. The fatal crash probably could have been easily avoided if the SUV driver simply took the time to check for oncoming traffic and wait until he had time and space to turn without endangering anyone.

The fatal wreck also raises concerns about what victims of unlicensed drivers can do to receive compensation and civil damages following crashes. Since the man at the wheel of the SUV lacked authorization to drive, he likely does not carry accident and liability insurance. If that turns out to be the case, the family of the motorcycle rider who lost his life has the options of filing a wrongful death lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver and of filing claims under the uninsured motorist provisions of the deceased motorcyclist's policy. Consulting with an experienced and empathetic Carolina wrongful death attorney could help the grieving family members sort through such options.


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