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Swerving Driver Critically Injures Girl, Man in Front Yard

A mother and daughter, as well as an employee of a moving company, suffered serious injuries when an out-of-control driver slammed into them as they stood in the front lawn of a house on Carver Road in Davidson County, North Carolina (NC). The pedestrian accident occurred on the morning of August 23, 2016.



A report from the North Carolina Highway Patrol indicates that the driver who caused the accident lost control of her vehicle shortly after turning onto Carver Road. She appears not to have noticed that a moving van was stopped partway in the residential street. She first attempted to move around the left side of the truck but swerved back to the right when she spotted a vehicle approaching from the other direction. Investigators did not immediately file charges against the at-fault driver, but distracted driving and speeding are being considered as negligent actions that set the stage for the crash.

The three pedestrians hospitalized following the Davidson County wreck included a 10-year-old girl who had to be to flown by helicopter to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital to receive lifesaving medical treatment. The girl's mother sustained serious injuries, and the moving company employee was initial listed in critical condition but is now expected to survive.

A Highway Patrol officer noted that this pedestrian accident in North Carolina should remind all drivers everywhere to "drive defensively and scan ahead and be prepared for vehicles being stopped in the roadway." My Carolina personal injury law firm colleagues and I also make these recommendations. Alert and prepared drivers stop accidents and prevent injuries and deaths.


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