For over 30 years, Dr. David Nichols took full advantage of his pilot’s license by flying to the Chesapeake Bay island of Tangier, Virginia (VA) to provide medical care for patients in need. The residents of Tangier were grateful for his service considering there are no doctors permanently operating in the area. Dr. Nichols routine was recognized in the aviation community nicknaming him “Dr. Copter.”

Unfortunately, after being diagnosed cancer, Dr. Nichols was forced to retire from practice. “What would happen to the residents of Tangier?” you might ask. Well, thanks to Dr. Nichols a new medical center was built featuring state-of-the-art technology including a digital X-ray machine, a dentist unit, and apartments for doctors to stay overnight when they come to the island to treat patients, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Dr. Nichols was honored at the opening of the medical center by the entire Tangier community. Many residents described him as a saint and an angel sent to help them.

Dr. Nichols is the personification of a good doctor and even though he will have to battle his own medical ailment, the work he’s done left an indelible impact on an entire community that will not be forgotten.