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Teaching Your Teen Safe Driving Habits

If you have a teenager who is preparing to learn how to drive, it is essential that you teach your teen the importance of practicing safe driving habits. According to statistics from the American Automobile Association, approximately 7 percent of all drivers in this country are teenagers, yet almost 15 percent of all fatal crashes involve teen drivers. Tragically, the number one cause of death for teens are vehicle accidents.

Teaching Your Teen Safe Driving Habits

In North Carolina, a 15-year-old can apply for their learner’s permit. At 16, if they qualify, they can get a limited provisional license and six months later, their full provisional license. At 18, they can receive a regular driver’s license. Although the state has set these guidelines, one of the most critical thing a parent can do is to make sure your teen is ready for each graduated licensing step. Just because your teen is old enough to take state’s driving test does not mean they are actually ready to take it. One of the most common causes of teen driving accidents is lack of experience and poor driving skills, but both of these factors can be overcome with practice.

The old saying, “Children learn what they live” still applies to teenagers. When parents practice safe driving behaviors, the chances improve that your teen will too. If you insist that everyone buckles their seat belts every time you get into the vehicle from the time your children are young, it will be second nature for them when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is also important to never engage in distracted driving habits because you could be sending your teen the unintended message that it is okay to pick up that cell phone while you are driving.

Provisional licenses have limits, including the times of day a teen can drive and how many passengers they are allowed in to have in their vehicle. Make sure your teen is following these rules. Studies have shown that passengers can be a dangerous distraction for teen drivers that can lead to fatal crashes.

If Your Teen Is Injured in a Crash

Unfortunately, no matter how safely any of us drive, there is always another driver who fails to do the same. If your teen is injured in a crash caused by someone else, contact a seasoned North Carolina car accident attorney to see what legal action you may be able to take against the other driver for your child’s injuries.

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