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Teen Driver’s Distraction, Speed Suspected in Fatal SC Head-On

Speeding and becoming distracted behind the wheel appear to have combined to cause a teen driver to cross the center line of a rural South Carolina road and initiate a head-on collision that left him and another driver dead. Three children also suffered life-threatening injuries in the fatal wreck outside of Williamston in Anderson County, and a second adult sustained less-serious injuries.




The crash occurred at the intersection of Welcome Road and Reidville Road along a stretch characterized by the Independent Mail as narrow, curvy and challenging for drivers because of its hilly terrain. The newspaper also quoted a local resident as saying that drivers often exceed the posted speed limit by 15 miles per hour and more before adding that spotting approaching vehicles can be difficult because of the twists, rises and falls of the roadway.

Close attention and sure steering are evidently required to navigate the area safely. If investigators do find that the young driver who crossed the center line into the path of oncoming traffic took his eyes and mind off the road while speeding, this tragedy would join a much-too-long record of fatal wrecks that could have been avoided by acting more cautiously and staying more alert.

Getting distracted by a buzzing smartphone, fiddling with a car stereo or even speaking with a passenger is easy, but the consequences can be too great to bear. Teenagers appear especially prone to distraction -- and driving too fast -- but they must learn that their first and only job while in the driver's seat is to drive.


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