Three teenagers who attended Bassett High School were involved a serious car accident on Seminole Driver (Virginia 797) in Collinsville, Virginia (VA). One of the teens was killed while the other two were seriously injured, according to

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As the father of teenage children, I want to send my sympathies to the families of the three teens in this accident. I couldn’t imagine getting a call from the police saying my child was in a major car wreck and was injured or killed. That’s a pain and terror I wish no parent had to endure.

We don’t know what exactly caused the tragic car accident. Reports indicate the 2000 Ford Mustang they were driving in apparently veered off the road and flipped over. Was the driver distracted in some way or was there a mechanical failure? We’ll have to wait and see what the accident investigation and report reveals.

Over 800 people were killed and nearly 70,000 suffered serious injuries in car crashes In the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2008, according to the DMV. In Martinsville, there were 340 car wrecks and 165 injuries. But these statistics take on a whole new meaning when a friend or family member gets involved a car wreck. The students at Bassett High School and the families of these teens involved in this accident are learning that terrible fact.