Five teens decided to cross Five Forks Road in Pendleton, South Carolina (SC) on a Saturday night. Sadly, two of the teens never made it across. A Dodge pickup truck hit them as they were crossing the road, which resulted in one of the teens losing their life and serious injuries to the other, according to Both were only 15 years old and freshmen at Pendleton High School.

My sympathies go out to the families of these two teens who were involved in this terrible pedestrian crossing accident. Having two daughters myself, I know I’d be crushed if I found out they were involved in an accident of this nature. I want to also send my condolences to the family of the teen who was killed. It’s never easy losing a loved one, but it’s especially difficult losing someone so young with so much promise.

We don’t know what caused the driver of the pickup truck not to notice the teens on the road. Was the driver distracted in some way? We’re not sure. Early indications are that speed was not a factor, but the investigation continues, according to

Friends and classmates are working their way through the mourning process and appear to be focusing on the good memories they had with the teen who was taken from us far too soon. The cheerleading coach at Pendleton High School and a student created a slideshow in remembrance of the deceased student.

This is an example of what can, and should, be done when dealing with the loss of life of someone close to you. It’s not easy, but trying to stay focused on the good times can help guide you through this devastating moment in life.