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Teenager Dies in Tractor Trailer Crash in New York

One teenager died in a car accident with a tractor trailer on Feb. 21 in Bethany, New York.

The driver of the car was going north on Molasses Hill Road with five other people in the car. At an intersection, a tractor trailer slammed into the vehicle. There was a yield sign at the intersection, but it still is unclear who caused the crash.

When the tractor trailer hit the car, at least three passengers were thrown out of the vehicle. The driver of the car was injured and treated at a local hospital. One of the teenagers who was ejected died from her injuries.

The driver of the big rig was not injured. The accident is still under investigation.

We have been involved in many legal cases involving careless drivers causing the deaths of people in their vehicles. While it is not yet clear that the driver in this case caused the accident, the families of those injured and killed should consult experienced counsel. As personal injury lawyers for car accident victims, we know the pain and suffering that driver negligence can cause.

In one of our cases, the driver of a car in North Carolina pulled into the path of our client. He suffered serious injuries and there also was extensive property damage. That case was settled for $95,000.

We send our condolences to the family of the deceased in this case, and we hope that everyone remembers the importance of yielding right of way at stop signs.  


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