A 16-year-old teenager got out of his car to check on a tire on Alamance Church Road in Greensboro, North Carolina (NC). That’s when his nightmare began. A car came out of nowhere, hit him from behind, and bolted the scene.

The teenager suffered a broken jaw and bruises all over his body, according to myfox8.com. The at-fault driver remains at large.

“I’m not mad at the accident,” said the victim’s father. “I’m mad the person didn’t stop and see about my son because my son could have been dead.”

This is the most maddening aspect of hit-and-run accidents. It’s an inhumane act to just drive off leaving someone you just hit to fend for themselves. The at-fault driver in this accident did not know the teen victim was going to survive. What if the teen suffered a spinal cord injury, internal bleeding, or traumatic brain injury? Stopping and taking the necessary steps to get medical attention is always the right thing to do.

Let’s hope the at-fault driver is found so justice can be served.