A car was traveling on the Interstate (I-64) HOV lane when it exited onto the wrong lane on Interstate 264 (I-264) West. As a result, the car (a BMW) clipped a van and slammed head-on into another vehicle causing a massive fire and killing Frances Wilson in the wreck. My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs. Wilson’s friends and family.

This is such a senseless car crash. The barriers on the HOV lane were down and the red lights were flashing, yet the BMW plowed through and caused a horrendous car wreck.

How can someone so blatantly enter the wrong lane? Was the driver of the Beamer distracted? Were they drunk? The latter is possible.

Here’s a video of a news report describing the fatal car accident

In May 2007 and February 2006, a total of six people were killed due to the exact same exiting error and both of the at-fault drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol.

The investigation hasn’t officially declared why the at-fault driver went the wrong way on 264, but it wouldn’t shock me if alcohol played a role. The error was so blatant and required such negligence that it would be shocking to discover that the driver’s senses and reaction time were working properly.

It’s so frustrating to hear about car accidents that could have been easily prevented. A woman is dead today because someone ignored all of the warning signs on the road. If alcohol played a role, that’s doubly outrageous and unjustified. This wasn’t one of those random acts of fate; this was a completely avoidable tragedy due to a negligent driver.