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Texas Surgeon Given Life Sentence for Killing Two Patients and Maiming Dozens More

A Texas doctor was recently sentenced to life in prison for deliberately killing two patients and seriously maiming dozens of other patients. The sentence was handed down by the jury who had found him guilty of injury to an elderly person.

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The 46-year-old neurosurgeon – who had been dubbed “Dr. Death” by media outlets - was arrested in July 2015 on five aggravated-assault charges after two others died and four of his patients were left crippled and between July 2012 and June 2013. The trial focused on one particular patient – a then 74-year-old woman who underwent back surgery in 2012. The woman, who lost one-third of all her blood after the surgery, was left without full use of her legs and in constant pain.

A second doctor who treated the woman after her operation discovered that the defendant had placed implants on her muscles instead of her bones and had drilled a screw directly into her spinal cord.

Other patients the defendant injured also testified at the trial, including one who passes out due to the chronic pain they were left with, another who was left paralyzed from the neck down after their surgery, and another patient who had her throat punctured during surgery and can now only speak in a whisper. Other charges included operating on the wrong part of a patient’s spine, cutting a major vein in a patient, improperly placing screws and plates on a patient’s spine, and leaving a sponge in another patient.

Virginia Malpractice Claims

Although the Texas case was extreme, prosecutors can and do charge doctors criminally in other states, including Virginia. Regardless of how a criminal case turns out, victims of negligent care can also bring civil malpractice charges against the doctor and or medical facility.

Some of the damages a malpractice victim and their families can seek include:

  • Any past and future medical expenses;
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity;
  • Physical pain and limitations caused by the injury;
  • Permanent disability and disfigurement;
  • Emotional anguish; and
  • Loss of consortium.

Let a Virginia Malpractice Attorney Advocate for You

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or illness due to a doctor or other medical professional’s negligence or recklessness, contact a skilled Virginia medical malpractice attorney to discuss what legal recourse you may have. Our Va. personal injury firm has successfully represented many victims who were left injured and disabled because of a doctor’s poor performance and will aggressively fight to ensure you receive the damages you deserve.

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