A public service announcement commercial caught my attention the other day.  On the screen the word “yeah” appeared.  A second later a teenage girl said, “That was the last text that I sent my sister, before she ran off the road and died,” followed by the announcement of “No text is worth dying for.” 

As more and more young people start driving the rate of distracted driver accidents has been going up as well.  This was the case late yesterday afternoon when distracted driving led to a wreck that killed a high school senior, it happened on Chandler Rd. in Beaufort County, North Carolina (NC).

Troopers say at 3:42 the driver looked at her cell phone to read a text message. She allegedly drifted across the center line and crashed head-on into a logging truck.  The girl, who was just 18 years old, died on impact.  My thoughts go out to her family as they are grieving over the loss of their daughter in this tragic accident.  All parents can face the same nightmare due to the horrible collisions and accidents happening every week from texting distractions.

The truck driver who was struck tried turning off the road to avoid the wrong way driver, but it was already too late.  The Highway Patrol says the logging truck did not contribute to the accident.  There is no news yet if the driver of the logging truck was injured in the accident. 

New studies indicate texting while driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Furthermore, the data shows experienced drivers are no better at driving while talking on a cell phone or texting than inexperienced drivers. What does this mean? It means that teens shouldn’t even answer their phone while driving.  The combination of inexperience and distraction are a deadly combo not only for the driver but for everyone else on the road as well.