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Pacifer Clips Recalled Ove Choking Fears

A pacifier manufacturer has announced the recall of about 6,000 clips amid fears that they could be a choking hazard for infants. The Cheaper Keeper pacifier clips are manufactured by Sandbox Medical. Concerns that the clips could break of and get swallowed led to the recall decision,  according to US Recall News.

A pacifier clip attaches the device to a child's clothing to stop pacifiers from falling to the ground when they are dropped.

Fortunately in this case no infants were injured by the pacifier clips.
Our experienced Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys have reported in depth on how children and infants have been injured by a wide range of equipment that is intended to protect them. Last  December the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a ban on cribs with drop-sides. And a recent survey suggests the number of injuries caused to children by cribs, playpens and bassinets may be much higher than previously thought.

Nearly 10,000 children a year are being treated in hospitals for injuries related to cribs, Medlineplus reported. It means hundreds of infants in Virginia (VA) are being unnecessarily injured by cribs every year.
Recently our attorneys reported on four huge recalls of cribs and strollers in the United States.

As in the case of the pacifier clips, these recalls were voluntary, meaning the manufacturer has admitted these products have the potential to cause harm
. The long list of recalls over the last two years includes 11 million Fisher Price products last year, including tricycles and high chairs, after infants sustained injuries. Dangerous and defective high chairs were the subject of an IKEA recall in 2009.

If you believe your child has been a victim of defective equipment call our Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys


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