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Three-Car Collision Lands Two People in Hospital

A three-car collision has landed two people in the hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland (MD). The Herald-Mail reported on August  4, 2011, that the accident occurred when a westbound and a northbound car collided at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Wilson Boulevard. After impact, one of the vehicles spun out of control and hit another car.

Thankfully, this accident only involved three vehicles, largely due to the time of day. At 11:15 on a Friday morning, most people are at work. A quiet intersection could have very easily been the site of a huge pileup of cars, resulting in a terrible traffic jam. Still, all c
ar accidents can be terrifying. Our thoughts are with the recovering victims and their families.

As a Virginia-based traffic accident attorney, I've seen even the smallest wrecks turn lives upside down. Though reports have not indicated the type of injuries sustained by the drivers in this incident, brain injuries, in particular, are associated with car accidents and can have life-altering effects.

If you're involved in a car accident, consult with your doctor no matter how fine you may feel. Symptoms may not show up for days or weeks. Even a mild brain injury can dramatically change the behavior and cognitive reasoning of a person. Traumatic brain injury, especially in children, can cause life-altering disabilities. Monitor all injuries sustained in an accident as closely as possible.


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