Three-Car Wreck on I-64 Kills Woman

What Happened:

A Honda Civic was driving on I-64 near Fisherville, Virginia, when she ran off the road onto the shoulder, overcorrected, and slid sideways. Her car was T-boned by a pickup truck on the driver’s side, and then a Chevy Impala smashed into the truck’s rear.

The driver of the Honda Civic died at the scene. The pickup truck driver suffered minor injuries, and no one in the Chevy was injured.

I-64 had to be closed while the crash victims were pulled from the vehicles.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

We greatly regret the loss of life in this serious car crash. Overcorrection is a frequent mistake when driving that leads to many car accidents. It is important if you drift off the road to not slam on the brakes or overcorrect when you bring the car back onto the road.

A Virginia personal injury lawyer could be useful in this case to determine if the injured party could benefit from filing a civil lawsuit against the deceased in this unfortunate case.

For More Information:

Read our helpful guide on Virginia car accidents and your legal rights.

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