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Three Killed in Alcohol-Related Car Crash

In the early hours of May 16, 2010, a Toyota Corolla carrying four passengers struck two trees and a telephone pole. The car accident occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland (MD), at approximately 3:00 am. After the car crash, the driver fled the scene and was later arrested at his residence three hours later. The police found that he had been driving under the influence after questioning the one surviving passenger.

According to the fortunate passenger who survived, the three other passengers were killed on impact and he watched appalled as the driver ran from the vehicle. Two of the passengers who died were students enrolled in college and the third was a few weeks away from her high school graduation.
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There is no excuse for driving under the influence. There are too many other options at a driver's disposal to prevent car wrecks like this from happening. It is a selfish, irresponsible, and stupid act that can be prevented by calling a cab or having a sober designated driver. It has become far too often that we hear about these crashes involving young adults. Many of those in the media spotlight have been guilty of this behavior. As a society we cannot allow this.

It is a shame that these young adults lost their lives and it is our hope that they seek out reparation for this tragedy.
Our firm was successful in receiving compensation for passengers that were rear-ended by another car. While all cases are different, I would imagine that these families have a solid and valid case against the driver in this accident. We hope that whatever the outcome, these families find peace and solace in the death of their children.

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