What Happened:

They say bad things happen in threes. In this case a three-vehicle accident injured three teens from a local high school and three other people. According to WTVD, the car crash occurred on August 24, 2012 where Chapel Hill Rd. crosses Trinity Rd. in Cary, North Carolina. The crash also involved a bread truck. All three teens were taken to a hospital in Raleigh, NC with serious injuries. Laura Santiago and Matthew Sheehan have improved and were listed in good condition, while Annetta San Diego was still in critical condition. The conditions of the other victims have not been released, and investigators are still trying to determine what caused the wreck.

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The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

As North Carolina car accident attorneys, we have learned through our years of helping injured car and truck crash victims that it can be difficult for investigators to determine who is at fault in accidents that involve multiple cars or trucks. The fact that a commercial truck was also part of the wreck can further complicate matters. An experienced firm such as ours is a great asset because we are able to keep track of the investigation and file claims as necessary while the victims and their families heal.

Potentially Helpful Info:

If you have been a victim of a car accident, but you are not quite ready to contact an attorney, this guide for victims of North Carolina car accidents provides important information such as how to handle insurance adjusters and what your claim may be worth.

Have Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQs:

We have found that many victims ask the same questions, so we have provided some answers to frequently asked car crash questions.