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Three Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Hampton, VA Car Crash

Three pedestrians got seriously hurt when a car hit them as they were attempting to cross W. Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, Virginia (VA). The collision occurred shortly after 10 pm on November 4, 2014, at the intersection with Salem Street. A 2-year-old victim sustained life-threatening injuries, while two adults in their 20s incurred less-serious wounds but did require hospital treatment. 



Police did not immediately know what led to the accident. The area where the car crash occurred has shopping centers fronting residential neighborhoods on both sides of the street. The pavement is not marked with crosswalks, and the intersection lacks stoplights. Curbs make it legal, if not always safe, for pedestrians to cross, however. Authorities must also determine whether the driver involved in the wreck had been speeding, distracted, falling asleep at the wheel or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Regardless of why this pedestrian accident occurred, it highlights two lessons everyone needs to take to heart to minimizes risks to their own and others' health and lives. The first is that adults crossing streets with children must exercise extra caution in ensuring that the way is clear. Kids are especially prone to traumatic brain injuries when hit by cars or trucks.

Equally important, all drivers traveling through commercial and residential zones must keep a constant lookout for pedestrians. People on foot can be particularly difficult to spot at night, but "I didn't even see them" is never an acceptable excuse for hitting another person with one's vehicle.


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