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Three Seriously Injured, One Critically in Accident at Dangerous Intersection

What happened:

A car accident at the Onslow County intersection on US 258 has left one victim in critical condition.  A white Ford Mustang traveling northwest was in the center lane, attempting to make a left hand turn onto NC 111. As the Mustang was turning, it was hit by a silver Chevrolet Impala which was traveling southeast on US 258. The 25 year-old driver of the Impala was traveling at a speed of 55 mph when it hit the right front quarter panel and the front passenger door of the Mustang.

In an interview with The Daily News, Trooper M.P. Jones of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol described how the crash happened. “I believe there were several vehicles turning onto N.C. 111,” Jones said. “They were probably following the vehicle in front of them and saw the Impala too late.” Jones also added he believed the driver of the Impala didn’t have time to hit his brakes.

The 18 year old driver of the Mustang and his passenger were airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington. The passenger was listed in critical condition, with no other details released. The driver was listed in stable condition. The driver of the Impala was transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital where he was treated and later released.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:

Trooper Jones stated that a citation for failure to yield the right of way is pending against the driver of the Mustang. Ironically, workers from the North Carolina Department of Transportation were at the intersection the day after the accident, installing a left hand green arrow at the light on US 258 to turn onto NC 111.  The DOT stated that they had received numerous complaints about the intersection, which is located on a five-lane highway. They did a study of the location and concluded that a protected green left arrow was needed.  Funding was secured for the traffic signal to be revised, but installation of the new lighting was delayed while DOT officials waited for equipment to be delivered.

It’s a shame that a delay in equipment delivery may have contributed to the cause of this accident that left three people seriously injured, one critically. Although the driver of the Mustang will be cited and held responsible, one wonders what the outcome might have been had those lights been changed the day before the accident, instead of the day after.


 US 258 and NC 111 intersection, Onslow County NC

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