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Three VDOT Workers Among Six People Seriously Injured in I-64 Car Wreck

A Volkswagen GTI smashed into the back of road crew truck on I-64 in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), on August 23, 2011, injuring three employees of TME Enterprises and three other motorists. According to the Daily Press, the workers, who were under contract with the Virginia Department of Transportation, were on the back of a truck picking up traffic cones when the car swerved into their lane at around 2 am.

Car accidents fall under the category of negligence when it comes to personal injuries.  Negligence happens when by accident or mistake, a person departs from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar situations. The value of each negligence case depends on the permanency of an injury, the medical treatment required, the time missed from work to recover, the complexity of legal rules and the extent of emotional stress.

Injuries may be permanent when they exceed a year. The severity of injuries is measured by the amount of medical costs, the length of time to heal, and the types of injuries. The legal rules are complex in cases involving the use of expert scientific data or testimony. When involved in a car accident, engage a Virginia personal injury lawyer to evaluate the case to ensure the proper medical treatment available for the appropriate medical recovery possible.

To learn more about what to do when you or a loved one gets hurt in a car accident that results in death or serious injuries, check out our online library devoted to the subject.


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