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TN Lawsuit - Brain Injury Caused by Delayed C-Section

A couple that filed a birth injury case in Tennessee allege that health care providers failed to manage a birth properly which led to oxygen deprivation and brain damage in the infant. 

The suit states that the mother’s labor and delivery was difficult, but medical personnel did not recognize that the infant's condition was deteriorating. This indicated, the suit claims, that an emergency C-section was necessary immediately.

The lawsuit was brought by the parents of the child, who is now 10 and is suffering from serious developmental problems. The alleged medical negligence occurred at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in California.

When the woman became pregnant with her second child, she was told by a certified nurse midwife on staff that she could have a successful vaginal birth after C section, or VBAC. However, the suit alleges that the chances of a successful VBAC were low because of the woman’s short stature and the build of her pelvis. She also had been unsuccessful with vaginal delivery in the past.

They are suing the health providers for several million dollars in damages. They claim in the lawsuit that their daughter needs lifelong care to ensure she has a quality standard of living.

As traumatic brain injury attorneys in Virginia, we really understand the devastation that these types of injuries can have. It’s especially devastating when a TBI occurs to a young child or infant. Brain injury cases can be very complex, which is why we have assembled the Traumatic Brain Injury Guide to provide you with legal guidance in these matters.


Be sure to choose a personal injury lawyer with plenty of experience in TBI cases. You always want to have attorneys in your corner that have years of experience in TBIs to ensure you get the maximum settlement.


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