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To Stop Distracted Driving VA Bill Makes Texting a Primary Offense: $250 Fine

What Happened

A new Virginia (VA) traffic bill could make texting and checking smart phone apps while driving a primary offense. The bill, HB-1907, would make reading or sending a text message or checking face book and other smart phone apps a primary offense in which the driver could be pulled over. The fine for the first offense would be $250 and $500 for any subsequent violations. Currently the law requires that a driver be violating another traffic offense in order to be fined for texting and driving. The current fine is only $20.

From the Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

As a Virginia (VA) car accident attorney as well as a resident of Hampton Roads I’ve seen drivers on I-64 who veer between lanes and cut people off. When I look over at the driver many times I see them steadily typing away, eyes on a phone instead of the road. Our law firm feels so strongly about the dangers of distracted driving that we participatedin a nationwide program called "End Distracted Driving" and provided a presentation to Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) students that included videos of families and friends who suffered the death of loved ones in a variety of distracted driving circumstances. It’s disturbing that despite knowing how dangerous texting and driving is some irresponsible drivers just keep doing it. So much so that a bill has to be passed to try and stop them.

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