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VA Truck Accident Injury Attorneys: Top 5 Truck AccidentsAs a Virginia truck accident lawyer, I’ve represented victims who’ve been seriously injured in accidents involving big rigs and 18-wheelers. Based on this experience, I’ve compiled a top-5 list of reasons these accidents occur:

     1. Careless driving or inattention by the operator of the eighteen-wheeler

     2. A tractor trailer driver falls asleep or is drowsy

     3. Poorly maintained semi’s with defective equipment

     4. Drunk driving or drug use by the truck driver

     5. Improper training of commercial motor carrier drivers.

As residents of the Tidewater region of Virginia (i.e. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and Williamsburg), we encounter these large commercial trucks while driving the roads daily, whether on Interstate 64 (I-64), Interstate 264 (I-264), or Interstate 664 (I-664). Every accident involving a truck is a potential disaster for the person in a car that gets hit.




Usually, the person driving the other vehicle does not know why the truck caused an accident. It could be one of these top five reasons given above or other issues like load-shifting, overweight vehicles, or other types of negligence by the truck driver or his company. Whatever the reason, it is critical that someone get out and investigate the cause of the wreck for you, if you are seriously injured in a wreck involving a truck.

You can be sure that the insurance company defending the truck driver and his company will be out at the scene immediately trying to somehow prove that the truck driver and the transportation company he works for was not at fault.
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