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Tori Spelling Involved in Car Accident While Pregnant

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling was involved in a car wreck while pregnant. She was reportedly taking her two children to school when she was pursued by a photographer, according to CBS News.

Spelling did not suffer any serious injuries in the car accident. Unfortunately, many pregnant women are not so lucky. In fact, when a woman gets into a car crash while pregnant, it is not uncommon for the woman to get hurt, or go into stress-induced labor due to the trauma associated with a car wreck.

Another serious issue is when an airbag deploys and strikes the mother in the stomach. This can cause damage to the unborn child and can also induce early labor.

If a woman suffers injuries in a car accident while pregnant, the time spent worrying about the condition of her unborn child while at the hospital is extremely distressing. That's why it is a form of damage that can potentially be recovered in a personal injury claim, along with the medical expenses associated with an injury and any lost wages you may suffer due to recovering from the car crash.

To learn more, read these frequently asked questions focused on what a woman should do if hurt in a car wreck while pregnant.


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