Tour Bus Crash in Virginia Beach Results in 13 People Suffering Injuries | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A tour bus traveling to Virginia Beach from New York wrecked on the Eastern Shore resulting in 13 passengers suffering injuries. The tour bus, owned by Vision Tours, was heading south on Route 13, Lankford Highway in Machipungo, Virginia (VA) when the bus operator lost control, ran off the road and crashed into a ditch, according to

Reports indicate that there were 55 passengers on board the tour bus and they were from a variety of areas including Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania. 13 of those passengers had to be taken to Shore Memorial Hospital for injuries.

The driver of the bus was charged with failure to keep a vehicle on the roadway.

It’s so frustrating to read about these commercial tour bus accidents involving, what appears to be, a negligent driver. You may remember, from a couple years ago, that a horrific tour bus accident occurred on I-95 killing 14 people. It turned out that the at-fault bus driver was speeding and dosed off while operating the bus.

Fortunately, the reports indicate that no one lost their life in this Virginia Beach tour bus accident. Nevertheless, the injured passengers had their lives turned upside down and we can’t say how severe their injuries are, as of the date of this posting.



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