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Tow Truck Driver Killed while Attending Disabled Vehicle

A 45 year-old tow truck driver was killed when a box truck plowed into him as he was attending to a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. The fatal accident occurred in Fairfax County, along the southbound lanes of Interstate 495 near Exit 49 for Route 7.

According to police reports, the tow truck driver had stopped on the southbound shoulder, and was on the side of the tow truck preparing the removal of an unattended, broken down vehicle. A box truck, driven by a 34 year old Baltimore, MD man, carelessly crossed over the shoulder and smashed into the tow truck driver. The victim, who was from Centerville, was killed instantly.

The box truck driver was charged with reckless driving. Police pulled the box truck out of service for having inoperable brakes, as well as other Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) equipment violations.

The tragic accident is a reminder of Virginia’s Move Over law. The law requires drivers to proceed with caution if they are approaching working or emergency vehicles in the shoulder lane with red, blue or amber flashing lights. If possible, drivers are to move over one lane. Violation of the law is punishable as a traffic infraction. Second or subsequent violations are punishable as Class 1 misdemeanor. If a person is injured or killed as a result of disobeying the law, the driver may lose their driver's license for up to two years.

If you have lost a loved one in a car crash caused by the negligence of another driver, contact an experienced Virginia wrongful death attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have against the driver.

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