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Tractor Trailer Accident Kills West Virginia Woman

What Happened:

In Shanks, West Virginia, (WV) a woman was forced to swerve out of her own lane after a tractor-trailer veered into it.  Unfortunately this caused her to crash her vehicle into a second big rig truck on U.S. Route 50.  Elizabeth Whitacre who was 68 years old died at the scene of the truck accident.

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

As an experienced truck injury attorney I’d like to first offer my condolences to the family.  It’s a terrible shame for someone who must have lived so rich a life to have it cut off by a careless driver. It sounds as if the tractor trailer that swerved into Mrs. Whitacre’s lane was at fault.  The reason behind why he swerved into her lane may mean a big difference in the type of settlement her loved ones are able to get.  For example if he was distracted by a phone call or texting he may have been negligent in his operation of the truck.  Though experience we know that the trailer, and the truck operator, may all have separate available insurance policies, and often our West Virginia truck accident attorneys also analyze our own client’s other insurance sources as well.

Potentially Helpful Info:

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