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Tractor Trailer Collides with Fire Engine on Beltway

What Happened

In Prince George County, Maryland (MD) a serious accident took place on the outer loop of the beltway between a tractor trailer and a fire engine.

Police have released their preliminary findings on the accident. They state the fire engine had just left the scene of an accident and made a U-turn at an emergency vehicle access point. When the engine exited the access point an oncoming tractor trailer collided with the fire engine. The force of impact carried both vehicles into the median and caused them to strike a Jeep SUV.

In total, seven people were injured, which included four of the firefighters. Three of those firefighters have been released from the hospital and the fourth is in critical but stable condition.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

It is reported that the tractor trailer had the right of way and is not at fault for this accident. It has not been stated what condition the driver of the tractor trailer or driver of the Jeep are in. However from the sound of the accident it is likely they suffered some sort of injuries. They both should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Even if the fire engine was in response to an emergency and had its lights and sirens in use, the driver should have used more caution when pulling into traffic and not assumed he had the right of way. The laws, rules, and regulations for maintaining and driving an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck, are different from laws governing other vehicles. This can have a strong impact on a potential case and will help determine how to go about filing and pursuing the fire truck in litigation. These types of cases can be very complicated, but acquiring the service of an experienced truck accident lawyer can make compensation and peace of mind obtainable.

Helpful Info:

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