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Tractor Trailer Crash in West Virginia Leaves Cattle Roaming Highway

A tractor trailer carrying cattle crashed on I-64 in West Virginia last weekend. Fortunately, the driver and the cattle were not injured.

According to the West Virginia Highway Patrol, the cattle truck ran off the highway into the ditch and overturned. Approximately 96 cattle were in the trailer at the time. All of them escaped and were roaming on both lanes of traffic on the interstate. The entire interstate had to be closed down for 12 hours as the police gathered up the lost cattle.

As truck accident personal injury lawyers, it is great to see that no one was injured in this serious truck accident. Overall, at least in Virginia, truck accidents are on the decline, with 181 serious truck accidents in the state in 2012, which is down from 199 in 2011.

Truck accidents as a whole have decreased most likely due to tougher federal regulations for commercial truckers and more safety features on cars and trucks.

Still, we think that truck companies can do even better. It is important for trucking companies to educate their drivers about the importance of never driving more than federal regulations allow. Also, truckers should be taught to pay close attention to their driving. It only takes a second of inattention for a serious, often fatal, accident to occur.

We also hope that federal regulators will continue to look at where regulations can be strengthened to ensure that commercial trucking is as safe as possible.


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