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Tractor Trailer Crash Kills West Virginia Highway Worker

A West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) worked died June 11 on a section of Route 50 that was being resurfaced in that state.

The West Virginia State Police report stated that a tractor trailer smashed into three vehicles as it drove into the single open lane on US 50 westbound in a construction zone. One of the vehicles hit the DOH truck, which pinned the worker between two vehicles. He died at the scene.

A sheriff’s deputy said that the construction zone had the required warning signage, but it was unknown if there was a flagman present. He added that a total of 471 feet separated the first crash from the final resting place of the last vehicle involved.

As truck accident personal injury lawyers, we know that truck drivers sometimes may be distracted behind the wheel. This can lead to tragic accidents that seriously injure and kill innocent people.

Some of the most common distractions for truck drivers are:

  • ·         Eating: Truckers usually are in a hurry and do not often have time to sit down and eat. So, they may be eating while driving at high speed.
  • ·         On board computer: Some truckers communicate with their home base with an electronic device in the truck. Studies tell us that some truckers read on the device as they drive.
  • ·         Cell phone: Driving while talking on a cell phone or while texting is illegal for truck drivers, but this danger still occurs.
  • ·         Boredom: Long hours of driving the open road can lead to fatigue and even road hypnosis. Such a distraction could make it easy to miss an approaching construction zone.

The lessons from that one case speak volumes, and remind the public just how dangerous trucking can be when the driver does not remain completely vigilant.

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